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DR Electric Induction Coil
1.High Quality
2.Factory direct price
3. RoHs comliant
4. Good after-sale service
Detailed Product Description
1. High Saturation material, low cost &high efficiency
2.wide inductance range, high current capability low magnetic leakage
3. Ideal as a choke coil for noise filtering and DC to DC converter application.
4. Covered with PVC or UL shrink tubing
5.Characteristics: Small volume, big current output, excellent current choking performance.
6. Various materials available to meet different frequency requirements
1. TV and Audio equipment
2. Buzzers and Alarm systems
3. Switching power supplies
4. Systems requiring Board and high Q
5. Other noise filters.
General conditions:
Operating temperatre:-55~+55, storage temperature:-40~+40 Inductance range:1uH, Current rating based on current density about 8A/mm Iron Power core material 26:50Hz~100KHz, Iron Power Core Material 52:10KHz~500KHz
Main Markets:
• North America
• South America
• Eastern Europe
• Southeast Asia
• Mid East
• Western Europe
1. Hongqiao DR inductor has year’s experiences in dr inductor producing and we can supply the DR inductors according to your own design and specification.
2. We deliver in time and have the perfect. after-service.
3. We can give the most competitive china mainland price for you
4. We will always welcome your inquiry!
5. The mechanical dimensions and electrical specifications can be designed according to customer’s requirements
Please send the following information via e-mail for quote
1.Specifications including bobbin, core, dimensional and winding drawing .
2.Additional requirements .
3.Estimated order quantity.
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