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Emergency Power Supply For Fire Lamp
Our electrical engineering team has extensive experiences,including switching power supply solutions, LED driver solutions, emergency power solutions, power adapter solutions, industrial equipment power supply solutions,Charger,inductor,transformer,PCB,sound and light control switch,human body intelligent induction switch,smart home products LED Lights and electronic components.

HONGQIAO has passed the ISO9001 quality system certification; Our products have passed the CE, UL, CCC, FCC and other safety certification.

Detailed Product Description
About Us:

HONGQIAO is dedicated to provide electronic manufacturing Service. 

Located at the beautiful West Lake, Hangzhou, China.

HONGQIAO provides customer service covering from product design, engineering, material procurement, manufacturing and test, even to finished

product output.

Our experience is involved in  Lighting systems, Emergency lighting system, PC & Peripherals, digital product, Household application,Medical,  industrial control automation, automobile industry, Communication network and smart home system.

HONGQIAO has obtained the ISO9001 certification.  By excellent management and advanced equipment, HONGQIAO provide worldwide customers better electronic manufacturing service.

We welcome any OEM and ODM projects. We provide PCB&PCBA assembly service .

We are expecting to grow with each customer together.



Our Service:

Design Service

HONGQIAO cooperates with excellent work team to provide support from product concept to production. Not only to meet with customers requirements, but also to optimize the resources and reduce the cost. Hereby, in the process of development, we have considered the systems engineering, involving the management of supply chain for parts & accessories.


1. The design, production and sale of the inductor and transformer.

2. The design and production of switching power supply and power adapter. To  provide the most cost-performance solution according to different needs of customers.

3. LED driver  power, providing customers with efficient, energy-saving drive module.

4. Emergency power, supplying the provision of civilian portable emergency power supply and industrial high-power emergency lighting power supply.

5. The development and design of other wireless charging and new technology product.

From design reliability, supplier audit to In-coming quality inspection, In-process quality inspection, we always  check every detail strictly to prevent any potential adventure.

We provide all-around support to each customer .Especially for each small or middle class customer, we provide the same service quality.

Material Procurement

HONGQIAO  has built the cooperation with over 150 strategic suppliers, involving PCB, Chips, IC, etc. electronic parts, metals, plastic and custom-made parts.

We use the flexible procurement way and strategy based on different regulations, so we are able to control the cost lower.

No matter the parts are from local suppliers or well-known distributors, we all pursue the strict audit and quality control procedures, to prevent each possible or potential failure.

Through efficient supply chain management, we can share our low-cost competitive advantage with our customers.

HONGQIAO are appreciating every strategic supplier. Due to your support, HONGQIAO can have rapid growth. Also we pronounce here that HONGQIAO material procurement procedures are monitored directly by general manager. We reject any irregular or illegal behaviors. What we care for is quality, delivery time, price and service quality.


Note we offer our customers a one-stop electronic products and technical services


Manufacturing & Assembly

HONGQIAO almost provides all Manufacturing & Assembly service in electronic field. We provide service from wire bonding, SMT, DIP, Through hole soldering, Fixture & equipment build, Functional Test, Assembly, even to finished product output. That makes us have enough ability to face with different customers requirements.

Based on our flexible & different production line models, we can make variable production scheme to meet with customers various requirements. We don't limit the MOQ(minimum order quantity). Including samples, small quantity, big volume, we always can help customer to production.

We are equipped with advanced production machinery and equipment. The SMT part size is includes not only 0201, 0402 etc. but also QFP, BGA etc. IC. The smallest mounted space of ICS can be to 0.2mm.

Test Service

HONGQIAO can do relative test refer to customers requirements. we can also consider the products characteristics and evaluate the cost factor to suggest customer to add or omit any process.

To ensure the test truly reflect the result of manufacturing process, we are equipped expertise instruments and devices, and also designated skilled person to evaluate each process, and  optimized it constantly.

To be fit for various test requests, we establish a team to design and build the production/Test jigs & fixtures. It helpful to reduce the cost obviously

PCB Service

HONGQIAO provide customer full support with PCB design and manufacture.


*Schematic capture, bill of material generation

*Board artwork, SMT solder paste stencil artwork, CAM data generation

*Assembly drawings, fabrication drawings

*Multilayer circuit board, split ground planes, differential pairs, high speed rules

*Routing per trace/space, keep-out, and clearance rules specified by customer

*Component re-sequencing based on physical layout, reverse annotation to schematic

*DFT audit, test point placement, test probe clearance per customer rules, testability report


PCB Manufacturing: Single Side PCB | Double Side PCB | Multilayer PCB | Rigid Flexible PCB | Flexible PCB | Impedance PCB | HDI PCB | MCPCB

HONGQIAO offers PCB production service with variety of PCB types and quantities. Your full range of board requirements can  be meet with, including single-sided, double-sided, and multilayer(up to 12 layer) circuit board, material with CEM-1, FR-4, FR4 High TG, PTFE, Aluminum Base, Rogers, Specialized material as per your request.

Send us your board PCB files now, quotation can be provided within 24 hours.


Note: we offer our customers a one-stop electronic products and technical services.


Our Mission

HONGQIAO aim to be the leading electronic manufacturing provider in China.

We are expecting to grow together with each customer.

    Good quality

    Fast delivery

    Proper price

    Flexible Business model

    Prompt Reaction

HONGQIAO also know the responsibility for each person, every community, society and environment, so we don't disregard any details.

We will take necessary measures to protect and optimize the environment , to conserve everyone health and energy.

We will keep our practices and actions openly to all employees and the public.

We will protect and maintain any rights and privileges belong to each customer and each supplier. Involving take the responsibility for training and managing our employees to treat our partners honestly and sincerely.

Contact Us:

Add:No. 12-2-1002,SongDu YangGuang International Garden,HangZhou,China

Tel:86 571 86098310
Fax:86 571 86098310
Contact Person: Mr. Johnson NIU
Skype: niu.johnson


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