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 PCB & PCBA    
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Dedicated in design and manufacturing of PCB
 ( single sided, double sided&
high frequency and ceramic )
Stencil manufacturing techniques include chemical etching,
 laser cutting 
Detailed Product Description

About Us
HONGQIAO is dedicated to provide electronic manufacturing Service. 
Located at the beautiful West Lake, Hangzhou, China.
HONGQIAO provides customer service covering from product design, engineering, material procurement, manufacturing and test, even to finished
product output.
Our experience is involved in  Lighting systems, Emergency lighting system, PC & Peripherals, digital product, Household application,Medical,  industrial control automation, automobile industry, Communication network and smart home system.
HONGQIAO has obtained the ISO9001 certification.  By excellent management and advanced equipment, HONGQIAO provide worldwide customers better electronic manufacturing service.
We welcome any OEM and ODM projects. We provide PCB&PCBA assembly service .
We are expecting to grow with each customer together.
PCB Solutions:
Leadsintec PCB Manufacturing Capability
Surface processing
HASL/Plating gold / immersion gold /Plating gold finger/OSP/ Flux
 1~12 layers
Copper Thickness
  Board Thickness
  Min Hole Size
  Min Line Width
  Min Line Spacing
  Max board Size
  Solder mask type
 Green/ Black/ Red/ Yellow/ White/Blue…
 Silkscreen color
 White / Yellow/ Black
  Data file format
Gerber file and corresponding drilling file, PROTEL series, BOM list
  Base material
FR4, CEM3, PTFE, Aluminum based, High TG FR4, High frequency board, Rogers
PCBA Manufacturing Lead Time
Delivery for samples will be 10-15 days after OEM Contact is signed and the Engineering Documents are confirmed.

For Mass production, based on the customer requirements, delivery can be done in several batches

PCB Service
HONGQIAO provide customer full support with PCB design and manufacture.
*Schematic capture, bill of material generation
*Board artwork, SMT solder paste stencil artwork, CAM data generation
*Assembly drawings, fabrication drawings
*Multilayer circuit board, split ground planes, differential pairs, high speed rules
*Routing per trace/space, keep-out, and clearance rules specified by customer
*Component re-sequencing based on physical layout, reverse annotation to schematic
*DFT audit, test point placement, test probe clearance per customer rules, testability report
PCB Manufacturing: Single Side PCB | Double Side PCB | Multilayer PCB | Rigid Flexible PCB | Flexible PCB | Impedance PCB | HDI PCB | MCPCB
HONGQIAO offers PCB production service with variety of PCB types and quantities. Your full range of board requirements can  be meet with, including single-sided, double-sided, and multilayer(up to 12 layer) circuit board, material with CEM-1, FR-4, FR4 High TG, PTFE, Aluminum Base, Rogers, Specialized material as per your request.
Send us your board PCB files now, quotation can be provided within 24 hours.
Note: we offer our customers a one-stop electronic products and technical services.
Our Mission
HONGQIAO aim to be the leading electronic manufacturing provider in China.
We are expecting to grow together with each customer.
    Good quality
    Fast delivery
    Proper price
    Flexible Business model
    Prompt Reaction
HONGQIAO also know the responsibility for each person, every community, society and environment, so we don't disregard any details.
We will take necessary measures to protect and optimize the environment , to conserve everyone health and energy.
We will keep our practices and actions openly to all employees and the public.
We will protect and maintain any rights and privileges belong to each customer and each supplier. Involving take the responsibility for training and managing our employees to treat our partners honestly and sincerely.
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Tel:86 571 86098310
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